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7DRL 2012 - Day 0: Weapons of Choice


Alright, I’m gonna start my 7DRL Challenge tomorrow around noon. I wanted to start today, but I spent most of day setting up my system and testing the libraries I want to use. My development environment will be:

  • OS: Virtualized Ubuntu 11.10
  • Platform: Ruby
    • Gosu (Game Framework)
    • Rspec (BDD Framework)
    • Autotest
  • VCS: Git
  • Editor: GVim

I’ll try to develop the game using BDD and a test-first approach albeit it might slow me down in the beginning. But I hope that in the end it will pay off by having less bugs and broken features. Anyway, the plan is to spend the last day on polishing stuff instead of debugging.

The project will be hosted on Github and I was able to setup XSplit, so I’ll stream while coding. Will be interesting to see if I get at least one viewer :). My channel can be found here.