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7DRL 2012 - Day 1&2: Recap


Day 1

I started the challenge on Sunday at around 2 pm. My Goal for the day was to get the player on the screen and implement the mechlike movement. I had something running quite fast, after about an hour, with basically two classes (the window and the mech). I then decided to refactor the stuff I had into an actual architecture by decoupling the view logic from the game logic etc. That didn’t really work that well in the beginning because I was thinking too much in the .NET way which cost me a lot of time. Another thing that cost me quite a lot of time was writing the specs in RSpec. I haven’t written any specs but only NUnit tests lately which ended in awful readable specs at first :)

Anyway, I spent about ~8 hours working on my 7DRL the first day but it didn’t feel very productive. I wasn’t really able to get “In The Zone” during that day because looking up RSpec syntax and Gosu API on the web distracted me more it should. Opening the browser when you want to be productive just doesn’t end well…

Day 2

Since I had to work I wasn’t able to start before 6 pm that day. I wanted to finish most of the mech class that day so I started writing specs for the mech. Writing specs went better than the day before and I felt quite good. After dinner I coded for another 2 hours before becoming to tired to move on.

All in all, I did get at least something done in the 4 hours I was able to work on the game but I’m still way~~~ behind my non-existent schedule (that might be one of the main problems :)).

I hope to get something presentable out of Day 3 to upload some (interesting) screenshots but I’m rather skeptical