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Hack a Bookmark Bar Seperator for Chrome


New Year’s Day is Cleanup Day (yay) !

When I finally arrived at my bookmarks I desperately wanted to organize my bookmarks on the Bookmark Bar n groups but there’s (still!) no option to add a simple seperator to it. So we can either live with it or get creative about it. I prefer the second approach !

The favicon seperator bookmark

Since the Bookmark Bar uses a pages favicon as the bookmark icon, we simply need to find a page with a favicon that looks like a seperator (good luck with that…) which we can (ab)use…or we just create one. There’s a site called with has an online editor for favicons and it uses the created favicon as the pages favicon. Wonderful ! The only drawback is that we need to create an account to get a permalink to the favicon so that we can bookmark it. So here’s my attempt. A real masterpiece!

Duplicating bookmarks

So now that we have a bookmark with a favicon that looks like a seperator we are good to go…except when we need more than one seperator. We cannot simply bookmark the page again but with the help of the Chrome Bookmark Manager (Option-Command-B on OS X) we can duplicate the bookmark. Simply right-click the seperator bookmark, copy and paste it as much as needed and you are finally good to go.